AOL: Ignorance for the Next Generation

21.15.01 - Mark

I'm getting sickened by these rash of ads helping spread the misconception of hackers as the epitome of bad guys. Norton, AOL, earthlink and others keep spreading this image when its blatantly false. the AOL ad I just saw posed the question "How do you stop hackers from sending you viruses" Thats what one, two seconds of a 30 second spot, and its riddled with errors!

First, hackers do not launch attacks, crackers do.
Second, Crackers aren't stupid enough to launch automated attacks, skript kiddies are
Third, Skript kiddies aren't smart enough to write viruses, programers do.
Lastly none of the above send the viruses themselves, your fellow inept PC using friends do because they can't be bothered with trivial things like security.

And contrary to popular belief, people are able to tell the difference. Hackers, crackers, and virus writers have all been reported on in the various main stream news outlets (The New York Times comes to mind first) in the last year. My message to these dumb corporations, treat people like they have brains (even if its questionable on occasion) and stop vilifying me

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