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23.40.43 - Mark

Congress is trying to destroy checks and balances Specifically those of the judicial branch. Apparently Democrats rallied against it, but republicans succeeded. As long as it dies in the senate we're fine but this has serious social implications. For one it would remove judicial review, and will basically merge them into the executive branch (bad idea, the judicial branch was created with few restrictions so it could adapt to the power of the other two branches). Secondly it would help Congress in avoiding new issues rather than tackling them. The article quotes a Missourian representative as saying "The simple question is whether school kids are going to be able to say the pledge the way we have done it for the past 50 years."

Excuse me? Times change, the government is supposed to change as well. 50 years ago religions were growing faster than they had been in centuries. Now religious participation is dropping faster than ever. So why should we keep holding onto a dead dog? If they can explain why we shouldn't change the pledge to represent new trends, that I won't have a problem with keeping it as is, but removing a branch of the government to fix a specific problem is like using a pound of thermite to kill an ant.

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ME - 08:39:00 / 2004.09.28 #

The reason we should hold on to the religious parts of our country is so we can remember what our ancestors came to this country to get, FREEDOM. Thhough I beleive that this country has not been a nation Under God in several years I beleive that it would solve many issues if it returned to some belief system of order instead of a belief in nothing. I know I have all of these antiquated notions about God and all but even you must admit that there may be something out there that is "God" (I figured that in needed to elaborate more than FU)

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