The Stage is set

22.45.29 - Mark

I don't know why I let myself get drafted into stuff, nor why I tend to enjoy it. Anyways today's experience was helping set up the stage for Andy's visit tomorrow. I've got to admit event organizers have an knack for creating something amazing with little to nothing. The stage is based on a cement platform poured last week, from there its a giant tent (14' up before the fabric even begins). A thick wire is strung over it and held in place by nylon straps. A crap load of lumber (2x4s and 1x2s) are supporting all three of the giant 12' tall vinyl banners. Connecting everything are staples, duct tape, a few feet of rope and zip ties give or take a dozen cinder blocks. Then there's the green astroturf stuff...

Sure it sounds ghetto, but this stuff is done well. There's a yellow stripe running over all three banners and there's a fraction of an inch difference between the height of each banner. Anyways it looks great, especially with the podium that was stolen borrowed from city hall

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