Rollercoaster Weekend

23.52.00 - Mark

I just finished repairing the assorted code at mtairynews.com Thanks to style sheets I was able to fix the mistakes I had made fairly easily. That's not saying anything about the errors the papers official tech monkey added in. The dope added in all sorts of extra tags and broke the class separations in the style sheets (non-techies are free to bug me for a translation, but don't expect it anytime soon). Then he had the nerve to take away my stats meter and my byline (encoded in the source code) Last time I'm making that mistake! This go round I make it nice and clear on the bottom of every page and won't be giving the corrected code until I get access to some form of server logs. I want to be able to see how many people are accessing pages and what systems they're using (since it helps me become a better webmaster) If they don't like it, well they aren't getting the code.

That's just the beginning of what is sure to be a long weekend. Tomorrow I''ve got one class then will be helping the arts council for the rest of the afternoon. Friday I'm not going to my class in favor of helping cover the hordes of people coming to see Andy Griffith and his statue. Then I'll be helping the newspaper with the special flash edition they're doing for Andy, helping the arts council, or both, with the added possibility of doing something for the relay for life fundraiser (and least my mom's bank pulled their booth out of the event and I won't have to help them set up all afternoon).

Saturday my uncle is coming (assuming the hurricanes don't scare him off...) so my family will have that so we may end up doing the tourist thing will all the other lunatics. And since I've been withdrawing from my sleep bank I'll probably crash hard sometime saturday or sunday.

At least I don't need to worry about my DOS test on Monday - I know most of that stuff.

And if you've got a morbid interest in this impending fiasco, I'll likely be posting some images and sound bytes over the course of things. We shall see...

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Brad - 22:53:00 / 2004.09.23 #

yay for DOS!



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