Hurray for thermonuclear war!

09.12.07 - Mark

I find scary that more people are worried about hidden (read: nonexistent) WMDs and supporting research centers in the middle east when we've got enough FUBARed and SNAFUed programs in the wonderful US of A. Aside from the medical waste sources of dirty bomb material, and the often lax security around chemical stores, Las Alamos is a lax, insecure, delusional, condescending, unwatched, and hopefully a no nuke zone.

And this isn't anything new, I was reading an excerpt from Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman about him picking locks and cracking safes at Las Alamos. Geeze who needs a research facility when we've got a perfectly open one out in Nevada. ::) Of course the even cheaper method is to find one of the 50 missing nukes out there and keep messing with them until they blow up.

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ME - 09:34:00 / 2004.09.21 #

I've Got Those!!!

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