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07.47.08 - Mark

Thanks again to the government for *&^%ing around with the internet. In the latest round of competitive bull excretions throwing the FTC is suggesting that in addition to CANSPAM (one of those lovely laws where more time was spent on a clever acronym that the text of the law) we're going to start forking over 6-digit rewards for tips leading to the arrest of spammers. What is this REALLY going to do? Likely international spammers will keep doing their thing, and American spammers are going to get rich. They're complying with the CANSPAM loopholes (which conveniently bypass most spam filters) AND they're going to ratting out on their non-complying friends taking those 6 digit rewards away from the government. So now they're taking money from me and they're flodding my inbox with crap.

Excuse me but WTF?! Government, stop messing around with private businesses, 'cuz you're missing them and messing with my inbox!

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