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10.41.24 - Mark

Wish more people would use Coral. For those unfamiliar with /., Coral is a Peer to Peer web application, unlike more popular p2p applications (Napster, Limewire, Bearshare, Kazaa, etc) Coral provides pages to other users, essentially mirrors of different pages. No copyright violation, no permenent storage of files. It takes sites that would be off line and keeps them up, helpful when you want to view a page that's getting DOS attacked or simple slashdotted (thousands of visitors a second for periods up to and exceeding 48 hours) Google provides some caching, and Archive.org provide similar services, but often loose images and other multimedia content. Why do I bring this up? I saw a link to a bog that sounds interesting, but can't access it because the source (who has enough traffic to make Coral work effectively) didn't use a caching or p2p link. The site:librarian.net, librarians against some of the BS, no rights permitted, laws the wonderful US government has passed in the last 3 years

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