Beware the updates of 2004-09-07

17.54.43 - Mark

Apple releases secutiry update, I use it, I restart, I lose my system for 24 hours. I upgrade to 10.3 and avoid the patch like the plague, until version 1.1 on the 13th. I download I install I restart - no problem - I restart again and its the same problem, even the directroy map looks FUBARed in the same manner, so I'm doing the same thing I did last time, and I'm at two hours into the solution (last week it took 3 hours to fix the drive) Conclusion, avoid Apple's latest secutiry update, that or I've got another Western Digital drive on the verge of failure. Hope thats not the case.

Anyways an update on librarian.net, its online again, pretty good stuff. Be cool if I could put this up at the local public library (picture clickable)

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