How North Carolina Education is Failing

23.04.46 - Mark

I won't hit them too hard for the over-centralized educational system where every school in North Carolina, then a few more, are controlled by the state government (since I've ranted on that several times) No this post is a little more general and is based on my experiences in schools in two different states that rate at two different ends of the spectrum in terms of competence (Iowa - one of the best, NC, one of the worst)

IMO schools are failing because they don't teach the skills required to succeed anymore. Schools, like they have for millennia stress memorization and regurgitation of facts. Generically and undiscriminatingly force feed these facts into millions of students daily. To force feed a fact to anyone reading this THIS NO LONGER WORKS My generation, the same generation that will be fixing the screw ups of the last three generations (not counting Xers) have managed to produce. My generation needs to be taught how to learn, how to think on their own, how to tear something apart, analyze it, reassemble it, and some where in there make it better. Do I know how to do this? No, but there are people who do. Look at Montessori education, it lights the fire that needs to be lit in this generation. Home Schooling can yield similar results, assuming the parents aren't whacked out religious nut-cases. Teach basics, math, language, science, civics, and then delve into the good stuff. Throw in some psych, ethics, maybe classes on teaching and communications. Teach the basics, and get kids to figure out what works for them at an early age, then help guide them. Once they have their feet, let them explore

Simplified, give kids the basics, Read, Write, combine. Then give them a tool box, teaching them to take those basics and explore: this will be analyzing, improvising, create. Then help them in their pursuit of knowledge. Set up schools that know alot about tele comm and robotics, or another dealing with medicine, in the end you get well trained, well motivated individuals who can quickly excel in whatever they want to. The additional plus is that schools are no longer these advanced day care centers, since smart students take off (as opposed to being idle sacks of mostly water)

I'm sure someone is asking why free thinking isn't taught already, and to be honest it is, but not until college or elite schools (private or otherwise). However thats way too late, by waiting until college (even community college) you're potentially missing everything from High School Graduates, down. For everyone else it doesn't have time to be hard wired into the mind. You start hitting kids with this in grade school and it sets in. Any constructive criticism of this idea welcome

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ME - 19:21:00 / 2004.09.15 #

SC has you beat... 51st in the nations SAT scores,
So bitch all you want to ours are worse!!! So there.
(maybe I shouldn't be so proud that my non-homeschooled friends are getting screwed out of an education)

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