Fahrenheit 9/11

23.42.16 - Mark

The cinema run by the local arts council is showing Fahrenheit 9/11 this week, and I went to see one of the showings tonight, appropriate for 9/11. While Moore made some decent points , and all of them established facts, he did dramatize some. I knew I didn't wan to vote for bush, but Kerry isn't much of an option either (Happy Mike?) Kerry Acts too much like bush, with double speak, questionable military history, no workable plan for the country, pale face that looks like his campaign managers have been botox-ing him at every stop....

If this nation fails to elect Bush, thats a half step in the right direction, if we fail to elect Bush AND Kerry we've progressed a whole lot in the last 4 years. Anymore I think I'm waiting for two things, the Singularity, and reform of this nation and its government (which may or may not include election of a 3rd party/female/minority candidate)

BTW, what did you think of it Ivan?

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Ivan - 00:46:00 / 2005.09.12 #

Think of what?

Just because you saw me at the theaters harassing Matt doesn't mean I saw it.

And if you want ot know what I think, I'd write in for Bradnik, but that's a non-option, because a)i don't know if you can write in and b)if you can, not many people will. I'm thinking 3 at most.

And let's not count out anarchy =P

Mark - 02:11:00 / 2005.09.12 #

What the hell was I supposed to think? I got the story out of Matt, apparently you gave them a few good laughs by looking though opaque glass. And to throw sodium chloride in the wound (based on what Matt told me), the balcony has a nice view of the screen

Politics - Yeah, misspellings work that way. It's BadnarikNot that a write-in would be needed, since he's on the NC ballot with a small following in the state. As for anarchy, the rational version in nice in theory, but libertarian is about as close to anarchy as this nation will come - short of global thermonuclear war

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