Last Nail?

13.27.53 - Mark

Last nail in TechTV's death, methinks. I'm watching a encore of The Screen Savers, and it sucks. When I started watching the show there was tons of energy and excitement, I mean one episode was dedicated to how high they could OC a 3GHz P4 chip using Liquid Nitrogen Cooling. Geek stuff strewn all over, the wall dedicated to their LAN party stuff, an alcove with tons of gear, and case mods dripped all over. That was then. Now G4 has taken over and its gone to pot.

The new stage looks like a retro newsroom minus the shades of shit brown and piss yellow, the stage is segmented with some really ugly LAN party boxes. No class, they try way too hard to pump the audience and the new guy acts like one of these l337 $kr1p7 k1dd13$ to whom you wouldn't trust a burned up 286.

Tech TV used to be good because it was fun and informative. Not its a shit network pushing video games and pop/boy band music videos. Thank you comcast, for truly $#@*ing up a really good thing

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Ivan - 00:50:00 / 2004.09.12 #

You're about a month or so too late for your rant about TechTV. I mean, really, c'mon. Do you wait for "news" to die down, and then make your own opinion about it so that it sounds fresh?

Rereading that sounded harsh...oh well.

Have a nice day.

Mark - 01:56:00 / 2004.09.12 #

I thought you read this blog, not pull off glazed over glances like /.ers.

First I've been complaining about the degradation of Tech TV for a while now. See Also: Gone, Gone, Gone (from 08/04) and Going down, down, down from 05/04

Second The "new and improved" screen savers has only been airing for a week, so 1/3rd of the post was reminiscent, 1/3rd complaining about the new talent (or rather lack there of) and 1/3rd summarizing my feelings about the new network and taking a Jab at comcast. None of it was stealing a month old idea and rephrasing it.

Ivan - 10:21:00 / 2004.09.12 #

I skim =P

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