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02.05.48 - Mark

Started a new project a few hours ago. I'm only using stuff I've had laying around and I'm snapping away photos while I'm scavenging the parts. Not something an average joe can do but nothing really advanced. Kinda plays off concepts of circuit bending mixed with William Gibson's sandbending concept (Idoru) I may have to wait for morning (read: early afternoon) to finish the physical aspects. As of right now all my electronics scavenger hunt is done, a few parts are soldered together, basic math calculated and I'm left at amazed by the fact I had enough electronics floating around to complete this project. (No I'm not saying what it is, I need to upload something to my main pages...) I guess the only downside is that my eyes are dry and blurry (due to soldering) and my right index finger is in mild pain due to a cut caused by a sharp edge on the to-be project case. Hopefully I'll have a finished project and a write up online by the end of the weekend.

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