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As I've blogged before the BBC is making two more series to the HHGttG radio series, with a good number of the original cast (and I think they're excellent in the first two series) Of corse the question at the time was wether or not they would be broadcasting in the USA. Well I took a look today and they support streaming broadcasts, so BBC4 will be broadcasting the third phase of the HHGttG radio series. Even better the dates and time of the first airings match up with my class schedule perfectly (the episodes will air at 1:30 PM EST on Tuesdays, and repeat 6 PM on Thursdays, then online for 7 days after Thursday's broadcast) They've also started adding some neat content for the radio series at BBC Radio 4's website including video and audio previews of the upcoming series.

Now the only hard part is waiting the 3 weeks between now and the first episode. Guess I could listen to the first two series again...

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Ivan - 07:16:00 / 2004.09.02 #

I wish I could listen to the first to series again, but alackaday, I can't. For it seems that all my discs with the exception of one are still not working properly. So I may have Matt steal the originals for me and I'll just d/l them straigh to my computer and then have him replace them stealthily.

OK? ok.

Anonymous - 19:03:00 / 2004.09.02 #

Hey. this sucks, the copy you berned me during camp got scratched all to hell so I only have part of it. I didn't feel like signing in but you can figure out who I am

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