Some Days....

21.32.18 - Mark

Some days rational anarchy seems like a better idea than others.

Today was one of those days.

I took the afternoon off from working at CRK to do some business is town, pay for an auction here, talk to a consultant on community improvement there, fight with the DMV, and fight and fight. I swear the DMV is the idea model of our government in inaction. Apparently the DVM officer things I'm some mentally slow, inept blind guy who is reckless and should not have a licensee. I swear, this people are completely oblivious to a little force called inertia, which is scary since their jobs are to deem people capable or incapable of driving 2 tons of steal at speeds up to and exceeding 70 MPH. I mean I can out think this bitch with my little finger, I bet she doesn't even drive.

She was deceitful, snobbish, rude, uncouth, and felt she had to hold on to the car for dear life. Plus her reasons for not giving me a licensee were BS. Everything could be explained. Ugh. It just pisses me off that our government is run by a bunch of incompetent sadists.

At least everything else went well.

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