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20.38.09 - Mark

OK I know - I've been really bad about getting online at camp but give me a break its work. Well that and my laptop lacks a battery and I'm about 20 feet short of a decent WiFi Signal (so I'll be off to eBay to try and find a decent antenna once I post this) Aside from that my room and lab are both disaster areas and I had nothing to do with it (scary), but I should be getting a better area. Aside from that the DomeMac hasn't gotten anywhere, I think I might need to get another 5x0 to gut for the Fridge Mac, I think I killed my Newton's MLB, I have a pile of stuff I need to get on eBay, and I now have three gMail invites - of course they aren't worth too much anymore. On top of all that it seems as if some of my hacking content is getting some positive attention. I'm getting more and more hits each month, with more and more page views per visit. In other words people want my content. Feels good :) I think it may be time to come up with a content policy. Anyways off to get that antenna...

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Ivan - 16:58:00 / 2004.06.13 #

Gmail me! Gmail me!

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