I'm really not that good

12.46.49 - Mark

This is an odd one for me. I like to stay quite and mind my own business. Granted I like to rant and rave and occasionally do something about idiots in the world but I don't know how I fell into this one.

Its March (almost April) and school yearbooks came out yesterday. Why that early is beyond anyones best guess but there are a few administration induced fubars (that I can't confirm nor deny since I haven't seen a yearbook yet) Anyways the big one is that the senior class doesn't have a class photo in there.

I'll admit that I never really cared about a yearbook before but I've never heard of a yearbook without a class photo. Its dumb - yearbooks are a nice item to remember school with, and the class is the school.

Anyways onto the looking glass. My English class is ranting about it this morning along with a few other things, and apparently they want to get a class photo (I can agree with that) so they want to send 4 students to the principal to convince her (this is a meglomanic I've ranted on before) 2 guys, 2 gals. Well I'm OK with that but when I'm asked my opinion towards the end I try to weasle my way out ("I haven't seen it") but they get my opinion anyways.

"The class is the school, thats what the yearbook should help us remember" or something to that exact effect with a "I've never seen a yearbook without class photos" for good measure.

Big mistake, they already felt that while I don't speek alot when I say something "You Listen" (yes - its emphazied like that). So now I, and three others get totry and convince our resident meglomanic to allow us to have the photo taken. I'm already fearing that its a lost cause - earlier this year she threatend the yearbook staff with in school suspension if they took even a single person out of a class - let along a whole class.

We'll see how this goes. I wish they would realize that I'm not really that great - I fail classes and if I do work its barely enough if not blatently wrong (lateral thinking approch to class work)

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