12.04.22 - Mark

I've been away for a few days so time to catch up on my uselss opinions on various news stories.

In no real order:

My brother is out of town and making money. I just found out he picked up about $400 for an essay he read today in NYC on Africa. Congrats to him.

Second /. is not infallible. They reported The PIRATE Act as coming from the shiver-me-timbers dept. when in fact it should have come from the spent-more-time-on-the-acronymn-than-the-law dept. Forget PIRATE this is like CAN SPAM version 2.0. I apperciate that they're looking at making the wildwildnet a better place tm and making the laws easy to remember - but WTF? You need to spend more time writing the law than making the name fit into some vaguely descriptive acronym.

Third - my school remains a top contender grand idiots of the universe title. Tomarrow (today) Theres a blood drive, a college placement test majority of the seniors are required to take for some unknown reason, and they're passing out yearbooks. I am so not doing anything tomarrow (note- I tend to qualify as a double red donor when means instead of 15ish minutes They get double the red cells, I keep the plasma, and I get over an hour out- last time I missed about 2 full periods.)

Forth (relating to first) its nice and quite with only one brother

Fifth (gadgets) I got my case of Bawls (24) and Maps of the internet which are both cool, and my family picked up a prepaid "disposable" cellphone. Only downside is that the leds are almost invisible. No chance of me easily replaceing them with a better color :'(

Sixth. Good job NASA Mach 7 and rising. I feel sorry about concord but if ultrasonic pulse jets are on the way in, all for the better.

Seventh My frind has finished and photographed an awsome G4 AlBook keyboard mod. I won't spoil it but keep an eye out, its sweet. I'm sure its going to get some coverage.

I think thats all. I'm wiped.

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