Dude... This is weird

16.57.43 - Mark

I'm out of it, living dead like. To be honest I'm supprised I'm able to type this..

This morning I had some stupid standardized tests that will be ignored and were a waste of my time. At least I got out of 1st period and enough of second. Its a typical BS test - in fact it was identical to one they had us take last year. Why they had us take it again is anyones guess. No clue how well I did - I was popping a Penguin mint evey 5 minutes.

Anyways once that concluded I dragged my ass back to spanglish where, thankfully we were only watching some cheap movie (IOW I got to zone out) do that for 40 minutes, wake up enough to drag myself over to confruizer app where I got 5 minutes before the blood drive people showed up. Just enough time to check email and stuff but not enough to post much of anything. So I go to the gym (about 12:30), freezing cold for some reason and wait and wait and wait. I got to eat some but I didn't start every processing and stuff until about 2:15. Bleh. So I go through it and can't do a double red because the woman doing my processing was an idiot (and it was 2:30) shame since we all know that doctors love us O+ types. Anyways another 40 minutes of waiting and they finally sit me (and schools out) So I let them tap a pint and the testing samples. By 4 I'm done but eat some to rebuild my stores and try to call a friend to give me a ride (its raining and I'm missing a pint of blood) With no luck I start walking home. I was doing OK for it raining and being short on blood but thankfully another friend dove by and pulled off to give me a lift

Long story short my heads spinning around and I'm off to get horizontal.

Give blood, its a good thing to do. Just make sure your donatiuon center is effective.

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