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19.03.30 - Mark

In a total lapse of judgement (Friday Afternoon, out of school, pleasant 70ish degree weather - that type of lapse in judgement) I got on my bike and went out in search of a geocache - without a GPS Unit (my garmin isn't here yet) Failure there but it was a nice ride. Not letting that bug me or my brother (he went too) we started looking around some of the creeks running along side the trail. So under one bridge we started riding our bikes in and out of a 15ft strech of water, no rapids, fun. We did that a few times then continued home until we decided to climb around on a Tank near the VFW post. Sadly all the doors and compartments were welded shut (How do they expect me to go on a rampage without a tank? ) but its still cool. Contuning on we decided to REALLY play in the creek and ride up to some rapids, with the intention of riding across at that point. We did, water was about 50 but our core temps needed some droping. So anyways we get to the rapids and ride across, or rather attempt to ride across. The rapids made us fish tail. So Mostly soaked anyways I say screw it and ride along the currents, and was doing fine until I hit a deep spot.

At that point all movement stoped and I fell off the my left and got soaked. Still Fun as hell. The only damage done was to the tin of penguin mints that were ruined in the process, and its not like I haven't made up the cost of those in sales.

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