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12.05.26 - Mark

I detest regular jobs, that could be a bad thing but thankfully I'm really good with computers. Both hardware and software - and people tend to kick stuff back to me. I forget who said it but "Its amazing what you can accomplish when you don't care who gets the credit." Thats me. The work I do is often quite and I usually don't sell it myself. Not really the wisest thing to do (I should probably be the #1 google hit for "Mark Welker" but my first hit is somewhere around 60 :P), but I get by. I'm already noticed with a couple websites I did by hand. I'm also getting service reccomendations at a couple Mac shops and may have a local design company contacting me in the next week or so. I mean I've done scanner repair.

Anyways this rambling is the long way of getting to my latest geek stuff. This afternoon (I never can get the midnight time change strait) I bought a case of Bawls and 2 "Maps of the internet" (2001 and 2000) posters from thinkgeek.com. My brother also got a XL caffiene shirt which if it doesn't fit him (he's threshold) will be passed off to me. I should have gotten a depreciated sticker but oh well - there's always next order. Not bad for about an hour of photoshop work (T-Shirt Design) The only problem with the shirt is that it was designed by a committee of idiots who 8 months ago had employees that told me to sit on my cash and not touch the internet since a "Hacker would steal all my money" I love irony :)

GPS, maps of the internet, bawls, caffiene tshirt, OS 10.3 (loan), and Apple Service Manuals on CD (same loan). That's what I call a good day.

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