Unpleasant 4AM wakeup calls

04.55.25 - Mark

I am not a morning person. I detest mornings and unless forced to do otherwise I never wake up before 10AM. Unfortunatly this isn't one of those days where I get a say in my wakeup call.

This [dripping scarcasm] lovely morning [/dripping scarcasm] I wokr up about 4 AM and promptly ran to the bathroom where I spewed all over. Not plesant. So I struggle though clearning that up. At least I hit the toilet 95% of the time. So I clean up and try to go back to bed. Shortly after I fall asleep I got to wake up again - except this time I didn't get a chance to move before I spewed, hitting my bed 100% of the time. Joy

So anyways I'm doing laundry at 5 fucking AM unsuccessfully trying to get the taste of puke out of the back of my mouth.

Today is going to be one fucking enjoyable day

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