stupid windows

13.00.15 - Mark

[warning semi cohearant stream of thought ahead]

Windows really sucks, at least win 98 with IE something or other running on a system that makes a boeing 777 sound like a fanless iMac. It better news I've stuck a deal with my parents that could have me at least a 10 Gb iPod and possibly a 20 GB if I can get them to hurry (good price from a respectable company) I also make a stab at $200 by sending in a t-shirt idea to Jinx Hack Ware with a design. I may post it on my site later but it brings me to my rant. (sorry I got side tracked I'm still waking up today)

IE has suddenly stoped displaying images for me. it sucks I'm going around to these various image intensive sites trying to look at stuff and I can't see anything. I'm going to have to wait to check Joyoftech and Rockwood comics because I can't use a real broswer at school. I sould just say screw it and DL mozilla but this school has an anal retensive stand point on downloads. I'm sure its a line of BS but I don't feel like tempting them. I haven't even picked up the server and UPS yet (just about to see the teacher about those)

Anyways 2 hours until freedom, for the afternoon at least.

[end warning, /me goes off in search of caffiene]

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