12.34.26 - Mark

[warning full blown rant mode on]

I'm running out of tech tricks to coax my Beige G3 to uninstall those cursed kensinton drivers. I emailed them earlier today so maybe they've got a clue. I doubt it - tech support tends to be stipd and this is the company that made a catch-22 in thier software (I still can't believe how STUPID that is). Anyways we'll see. I could get lucky. Until then I'm being forced to use the family confruiter and its degraded to a barely there POS since I picked up my system a couple moths ago. Granted a Desk is nice but I'm solving that problem as soon as Staples has another good desk sale. Still its not an enjoyable experiance.

For my problem I've tried booting off other hard drives and wiping files, tried creating an Apple Script to enable mousekeys, tired setting up VNC, twice, tried port scanning and tried a huge list of various tricks without success. If I can't get this fixed I'm going to give kensinton hell.

In slightly better news I bought two more DVDs off eBay, a bit more than I wanted to pay but I saved on shipping by buying them from the same seller. I'm also going to get to scavenge in a PC graveyard this week so thats still good. Plus no Engrish teacher tomarrow, and theres no real teacher for 4th period and with 3rd period a brain dead luser I only need to suffer though Spanglish. And hopefully I'll beable to OD on Penguin mints and Logans Run after school tomarrow. (crosses fingers)

[/rant mode]

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