Catch-22-esque logic

19.24.20 - Mark

To ammend what I posted about installing Jaguar (OS X - 10.2) on my Beige G3 and running the updates the updates borked it. My system, due to Kensington MouseWorks drivers, is no longer capable of using any mouse I own. Then the fun begins

I first looked an the files installed according to the log, and tried to kill those without success. Then I tried the shortcut for mouse keys (OS function that makes the numerical pad control the cursor) and failed. The I move on towards tring to get the mousekeys uninstaller to work. Heres where the Catch-22 lays.

To intall or uninstall the mouse drivers you need a mouse, but if the drivers render the mouse incapable of functioning you need to uninstall the drivers, but the drivers won't work with any hotkeys so I need a working mouse to uninstall the drivers that are preventing my mice from working.

Where's Yossarian when I need him? (as a side note I am trying to buy that DVD off eBay after seeing it on AMC TV last week)

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