Christians + "Alts" = Funny As Hell

21.57.37 - Mark

I just finsihed watching the first episode of Mad Mad House on SciFi and holy shit was it funny. What SciFi hyped wasn't exactly what we got. First the Alts aren't as far out there as they have been hyped. Still different but Art (modern primitave) isn't grunting and there wasn't any corruption. Its cool.

The contestents are what make the show really funny. In addition to the self centered meglomaniacs that are the prerequisit for any reality TV show they're all deaply religious Christians, something like half of them claimed to read the bible and one went as far as claiming that she lived with Nuns in a covenent. A respect is claimed but so is a deep yearning to run to the highest hill within 100 miles. Seriously its funny, I've known people like some of the contestents in the way they claim all thise BS Relegious explainations for shadows and creaking woodwork.

Its amazing I can't wait to see more episodes since it can only get better. Now I'm waiting through Fear Factor (can you say mind rottingly dumb) whose best quality is the brief introductions by Shannon Doriety (thats spelled wrong I know) while I'm waiting for Tripping the Rift which if its half as good as the short film its based on WILL ROCK.

Anyways heres to ten more minutes of mind rotting crap before 20 some minutes of potentially redeaming television (commercials take up way too much time)

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