Fun, with a capital F

16.38.57 - Mark

Not to use alliteration or anything but Fresnel Lenses are Fun. I picked up a couple off eBay last Thursday and got them yesterday thanks to an instate seller and USPS. After an afternoon of torching things I let my eyes readjust to normal (as in not 351+ degree) light. So today I get to working on building a projector with one of the lenses I bought. I didn't mod any of the electronics, I simply build a projector set up out of cardboard and taped it to the screen as a proof of concept but the concept is good and I'm already devising a hack around this concept. The only downside so far is brightness, but I'll work on that.

ATM I'm thinking of something based on a PM x400/180 motherboard with TV and AV inputs an external DVD player. Speakers may need some shopping at the local thrift shops. I may add a VCR or other AV gear if something decent shows up. Then I'll add motors and some other mechanics and electronics to make it work well since focusing is a PITA right now. A smallish motor with a low RPM would fix it. Came out of wood and maybe something like vinyl or painted plexi and metal standoffs to make the case look good. The downside is size. There's no way I'll get the into a case under 6 cubic feet.

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