Holy Shit This is Sweet!!!

18.50.14 - Mark

A week or two ago I picked up a spare pair of GT270s (with a fried controller), the MHDs that I bought and fell in love with a year ago. Since before I picked up my first pair I wanted a mocoular display and once the second pair was tested with my controller I took them into the lab for modification I had to take a break to look up a referance (ZeroSpin.org where this has been done before) and figure out what my dominant eye is (I'm pretty sure I'm right Eye Domanant, as is most of the population IIRC) but other than those two Items I've been taking them apart and just finished getting them down to the basics when I held them up to my right eye (monocular displays are supposed to go over the right eye) and HOLY SHIT.

I can't explain how cool it is haveing a line of green text (no video error from the displays) floating in mid air is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Its like in a FPS when a message comes up or in a termenator movie when you see what the termenator is seeing - except its real.

Now my only problem is coming up with an elegant mounting for the LCD, optics and driver. But damn is this sweet.

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