Restricting access to information

14.22.00 - Mark

Others have said it better but nothing good has ever come from restricting access to informations. I'll conceed the fact that noone ever needs all of the information avalible at the time that they seek a fact. I don't need to tell someone that a device serves three interfaces two of which they'll never use. However they're free to get that information.

But when information is limited based on limits set by ignorant individuals then I've got a problem with it. Filters are horrible. my personal settings on google are no filtering, mainly because its faster. At school I'm not allowed that freedom. I need to bypass school filters by accessing an online proxy server (for those searching - I used SnoopBlocker there are better ones out there, but they tend to get blocked themselves if all else fails keep searching - Mark on 2.16.2005) to see 2600.com A few filters and all of the onliune translation services have been blocked as well.

My question is why. I can understand the pediophiles and porn concerns but does that justify blocking sites that disasgree with a school's opinion? 2600 could be a valuable referance in a report on the issues surrounding technology or some forms of cruel and unusual punishment (mitnick and his restrictions). Then there are issues of translators. You can't tell me that a student of a foreign language should be banned from using a hard copy bilingual dictionary - so why an electronics version of the same?

I don't even agree with port blocking, which is fairly common, since I've been in classes when use of IM clients were used as away to work with native speakers of a language.

Plus this is a network thats pubicly fuinded. Schools are tapping a connection they are leasing it with tax dollars. So why are my tax dollars funding a network were I don't have control? These censors are limiting our access, and will continue to.

With the crys from the FCC over Janet jackson's SuperBowl SuperExposure and the backlash in the general public for strict censoring people seem to want less control rather than more. The way this battle may go it may not be long until a brief flash of skin is socially unacceptable.

Forget smart cards, smart cars, smart censors smart anything.Its time to Demand Smart People

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