Snow-phobic school reacts again - to clouds

19.57.18 - Mark

Since Monday morons in the area have been fearing the dreaded white menace and how we waer going to get 3-6 inches lastnight/this morning. Well like the last 3 false alarms nada. I didn't mind then but and I don't really mind now (well aside from the fact that they have a lethal fear of weather). However I'm about one of 15 (well no more than 50) people who don't mind. Why, because majority of the student body is going to be dragged into classes Saturday morning assuming they don't close tomarrow, which isn't too likely since all we got was rain and clouds. If there was any snow it didn't accumulate.

Now why do I get out of school saturday? School sponcered event that can't be moved. So while my classmates are dragging thier corpses into class I'll be at McDonalds getting some food and waiting to go to a competition which keeps me out of school. Not that anyone does anything in classes held on Saturday, contrary to what the staff wants the general public to believe.

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