Funniest. Commercial. EVER.

20.55.26 - Mark

I just saw the funniest comercial ever - at least for funniest commerical that was supposed to be serious catagory. Phillip's is now making a home defibulator for cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. That would be the first funny item - why do people insist on long names for things already well known? Its a heart Attack. Nice simple and doesn't take a couple seconds to say it.

The next item is that - supprise - you can't predict these. Maybe thats why they call them sudden. [rolls eyes] So its sudden and they're treating this device as if it was something you could go out and get like a prescription pain killer which leads to the fact that...

They require a perscription to buy them. Fun. Sudden and unpredictable but you need to get a presciption to buy the device that could save you're life after its put in danger. This strikes me as a "fire the marketing deptarment" comment.

Then theres the fact that you can sence that they are targing a market of survivors - which according to the ad itself is hovering around 5% of victims

Maybe I should sent this ad into Dogberts New Ruling Class as a comment from an induhvidual...

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