Pill popping preschoolers

13.31.25 - Mark

I've said before how I think America and society in large is too quick to turn to the chemical solution of drugs. Not the illicit ones the legit comes from your doctor ones.

In this article it turns out that people are giving preschoolers drugs. I can't be the only one to think that its outrageous. Kids need parents not prescriptions. Mucking up thier bodies with drugs designed, tested and approved for adults shouldn't handed out to kids.

I'll admit I like to avoid other people and I've probably got one of thos fad mental problems but I operate just fine and don't need some doctor handing me a pill to make me something else. I'm me and I like it. Some of these kids are too young to know what the difference is.

It seems we don't learn from our past. We've now got drug resistant strants of bacteria because of overuse and neglect of drugs, what happens when you're mind is the what goes south? Just a thought...

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