Screw ups and preserverance

23.53.54 - Mark

I'm regretting that I was more exact in my DomeMac measurements - more than a few of the 100+ trianges aren't matching up prefectly (Maybe I needed more file time) but I just taped together some of the multi trangle pieces and it looks like it will work given enough glue. I could probably get by without a number of the triangles as well since I think its big enough even without the 5th layer. Mounts will remain a challenge but the shape looks as if it will work. OTOH If I was starting over right now you can bet your ass I'd be getting estimates for lasser cutting.

For the mounts I'm pondering Tubes and plexi screws in an internal stand setup. The Optical drives would still present a problem tho' I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with the trays. I'll figure it out

Still the thing is going to be a beauty as long as I don't get really lazy and completly fubar it. (That may be saying that theres a chance of rain tomarrow, and a chance it won't)

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