Football Sucks

20.50.09 - Mark

I'm bored out of my mind. Wasn't there a time when the superbowl was more over priced but still creative commercials than slow boring overpaid guys running around a field beating the hell out of each other in a manner not too dissimilar from Mountain Goats in a futile attempt at gaining control of a dead pig? At least Mountain Goats has the potential of falling to thier doom.

It seems to me that football (and several other televised sports) are just a way of fat balding middle aged men to have an excuse to 1) avoid church 2) Eat (can you say 50 piece chicken McNuggets?) and 3) dress up in body paint and attempt to make fools of themselves on nation TV. These people would be much better off if they were on a field (or mountain) clahing heads with each other in a futile attempt at gaining control of a dead pig.

I don't hate sports period, I hate seeing high school drop outs running around a field and getting paid several million dollars a year. We should pick up some hints from the Aztecs and kill the winners each year (or as someone posted to a message board apply the use of snipers to the sport)

And then theres the time issue. There isn't a reason known to man that an hour (4 quarters x 15 minutes) should last more than an hour. This game started about 3 hours ago and its got "20 minutes" to go. Thats about 5 minutes a "minute" Excuse me but didn't Enstine say that time slows down as an object moves faster? This game is going along at a snale's pace and its dragging time behind it.

Enough ranting I'm going back to waiting for commercials.

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