Big Person is Watching

12.22.01 - Mark

Not that big brother, or that one, or even that one but big person. Who is big person? Big person is the monkey who's monitoring all your connections armed sniffers, viruses, a hacker army, and all those other irratating web problems that big person loves to brag about. Yes big person is the same monkey that spents 36 hours a day 12 days a week watching you waiting for you to type "jea" (or some other random string of characters) to instantly and unrelentingly release the said armemrment and who won't give up until you go hide in a spider hole dressed as santa or buy whatever they want you to.

At least according to my school, the same one that's well known for its collective staff IQ of -5 and its brand new computers running the latest version of windows 3.1 .

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