A needed break

19.42.33 - Mark

Snow is good, expecially when my school's district adminstrators have a cronic fear of it. School was out today and I'm thankful- I was up late last night and slept in until 4. Anyways I'm already tired of the idiots at school. Its irratating when a teacher puts "crackers" on a list of terms than admits that its completly unknown to them. And thats ignoring the fact that they said "crackers do good. They enter systems and show how they got it so SYSOPs can fix the holes" Its been a long time since I've heard something SO BLATENTLY WRONG. I'm fearing that I'm going to hear more uninformed comments as the now 17 weeks continues.

Maybe this is just componded due to the fact that MWSF04 sucked. iPod Mini? What the *&^%?!?! The new iLife app is useless to me but my brothewr will like it, he's into making music. The 1984 redux isn't to impressive. Ripley Scott is probably going nuts over it.

Anyways this week was way too *&^%ing long

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