This isn't a good sign

17.44.06 - Mark

I'm stuck in a computer applications for southern-hick morons. Well not right now thankfully but it certainly doesn't look good when on the "getting to know you" forms those low level teachers (the ones that border on the edge of simply babysitting) love to use you write "I'm a hacker in the true definitions" only to learn 5 minutes later that the first chapter is "Digital Ethics" including how Hackers are bad, and why the average idiot isn't responcible for the current decay of the internet due to viri that they love to attach to thier emails while mindlessly fighting pop-ups on thier windows based confuser. (I'm in a charming mood today aren't I?) No major problems with Spanglish and Psyco-ology, and only minor ones with My honors Engrish class (European Lit, and its my opinion that the only good european author is DNA and I seriously doubt that we'll get that far in 18 weeks)

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