22.38.59 - Mark

Woah, new interface for blogger. I wonder how it works in all those non-standard browsers I love to use. Anyways I'm still being overworked and under paid (about $1 an hour) but its fun. Can't really think of anything else to post except that I went to a computer expo last weekend, and it sucked. I should complain to the FCC about bluestarshows (Super Computer Sale) and their false advertizing. 40 to 80 dealers my ass, at best there were 15, and probably not even that. Other than that enjoy the 4th of July, for those in the US at least, and hope that I can manage some form of update this weekend.


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Wolrah - 12:37:00 / 2006.02.27 #

Date of comment: 27 FEB 2006 (so you get the point)
So I just went to a blue star show. (note the date)
I hear an ad on the local radio, something like " Computer show!!! This weekend!!! (location) computers computers computers, and computer stuff! Be there if you want computer stuff! Maybe 3 or 4 dealers. Selling crap I would'nt want to buy in '03. I will have more about this on my site. If you want knock off's of calogne I've never even heard of, check it out. Or you can get 3 pairs of crappy sun glasses for $20. then your in luck!

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