18.26.55 - Mark

Moving is hard work.

I spent last night in my families new house and we're moving everything from the crap rental to the new place and one parent now claims to have arthritis the other threw he arm and back out, the youngest son would most likely be crushed by most of the furniture, and that leaves me and the middle brother to move just about everything. And of course we're still doing some redecoration so supprise, theres junk everywhere, and the piles are usualy in the way of where ever the big stuff needs to be. Fun.

Oh well, DSL and Phone are moved over Day after tomarrow, the DirectTV dishs are moved tomoarrow wether permitting and at some point I'm going to have to wrie a dozen phone and ethernet connections, give or take 6. At least this means I get a router. Funny how the demand around here has gone up for one, I guess that means that its coming at some point.

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