17.45.18 - Mark

I lve the goodwill, not for the smelly welfare dependent customers, or the messy stores, or the rude employees, but the fact that its the only place that sells perfectly good computer parts for about $6. I just picked up a 17" ish Compaq monitor for $5 + tax and I suspect that its perfectly fine, no case damage, not even any yellowing. Maybe 3 or 4 years old at most but hey 17" monitor at $5 isn't bad even if it doesn't work (can you say plasma generator?) This isn't the first time I've seen good finds at goodwill. I've picked up about half a dozen Apple monitors for $6 each, a couple Macs for about $10 each. Recently my friend got a 520c for $6, and before that a 6400 well loaded for IIRC $15.

Remeber- the Goodwill is the best super discount computer store known to man.

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