20.06.53 - Mark

People can be too intrusive. A little while ago I'm stating a charcoal grill and its really flamming, and my mom in her infinate wisdom parked her car right next to said grill. When I start to grap my keys I notice this truck parking in the middle of the street thinking the driver had stalled I continue with what I was doing. So I go over the the car with my keys and with a leg hanging out start it up and am ready to back up when the driver who I though had stalled was half way out of his truck and yelled over to me "are you alright" I'm thinking to myself that he's missing a few screws but he repeats himself. At that p[oint I yell back and said something like yeah. But still If I'm walking around, uncharred, and not panicing then WTF is he asking me if I'm alright while he's holding up traffic?

As I said people are too intrusive.

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