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II'm not a piano player, but a well made instrument is a piece of art as much as it is a tool. The amount of work that goes into one like a Steinway is unquestionabl impressive.

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So in James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies, they dreamed up a car that Bond could drive with his cell phone. While that movie is 15 years old, a couple thusand dollars and you can drive a car with an iPhone. Admittedly there's no video feed (yet) so it's ore of an oversized RC car, but it's still pretty cool (and comes with some instructions and software…) [via adafruit]

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Interesting argument. Why do we celebrate the "talentless" when we used to celebrate the "talentless" along side the intellectuals. I think theres some fallacy on both ends of the author's timeline, but I think the point is the more important. Why do we no longer celebrate the most intellegent and creative? There are some that we do, the mainstream list is pretty small compared to the athletes, musicians and actors. While I don't think it's a social equivilent to Harrison Bergeron where we celebrate the average amd penalize the truely skilled, there are times when it seems close, I mean how many sceintists and surgeons do we have in political office?

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