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Weekly Metapost from April 6th, 2012 to April 13th, 2012

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Neat to see that our society does read, with a Gallup survey showing about 48% of people are reading a book or novel. However, it leaves plenty of questions unanswered. While we are reading, are we reading Harry Potter and The Hunger Games or are we reading classics from Goethe and Mark Twain to more modern classics like Catch 22 or 1984 (at least outside the demands of classrooms), and perhaps the question of if it even matters. It'll take time and further studies to understand the enviroment, but as someone with an evergrowing slush pile of literature, it's good to know I'm not alone...

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You might love your tools when… or Note to self. Take your pick

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Geek music with a celtic spin, all about the science of beer. Not for everyones taste, but I could have a few rounds of it. [via NPR]

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Great video for a great story, cudos to Caine, a 9 year old boy who decided to build and operate his own arcade. [via MAKE]

Eye Candy [list of other movies]

Rango (2011) Rated 3.5 stars for Rango (2011)
The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) Rated 4.0 stars for The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

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