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Weekly Metapost from February 24th, 2012 to March 2nd, 2012

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Random trivia about Coca-Cola and their 70 years of selling bottles of coke for a mere 5 cents.

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As a midwesteren transplanted into North Carolina, it took me a while to appreciate the joys of Cheerwine, but I'm officially hooked, but after looking for an alcoholic cocktail in which to use it as a mixed, I stumbled across this article on cult sodas. Cheerwine maybe the biggest of the udnerdogs, but I'm now on the hunt for a few others. Microbrew is no longer limited to beers.

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I've been using the lineman splice for years, and while I don't use it all the time, I'm certainly a fan of it, so it's cool to see that its NASA approaved. The only fault is that I don't always pre-tin the wire. [via MAKE directly - source is a NASA PDF]

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AT&T and Bell labs were being split up before I was born, but there's something appealing about the way Bell Labs used to operate. A center where thinkers and builders were working under the same roof, and the diverse skill set with an open door policy. While I know businesses need bureaucracy and management to run , I love finding a job where there's a fair amount of freedom available, with the resources and time permitted to pursuit ones ideas and goals. Thankfully it seems like there are lots of modern businesses picking up what Bell Labs left behind, but it's great reading about what Bell used to be. I'll probably be looking for the authors's book when I get a chance. [via Adafruit]

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