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Weekly Metapost from February 17th, 2012 to February 24th, 2012

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So cool, seeing a real life incarnation of a CGI animation that was made in the 90s (at least Animusic, the company that made the animations was started in the 90s). A little supprising that the physical product was by Intel [via MAKE]

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Nice little speach by Mike Bloomberg, socially and economically - specifically the closing little quote "Stop talking, start making. Its good advise"

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A few months ago I posted a link to a college lab's video on making conductive ink . At the time I said i wanted to get some lab gear and do it myself. Well, since then someone has written up instructions on how they did it on a budget, and some DIY equiptment. I'm even more tempted to make some myself (even if it does use some nasty chemicals). [via MAKE]

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