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Weekly Metapost from February 10th, 2012 to February 17th, 2012

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It seems like there's a love/hate relationship between school districts and digital classrooms, and I remeber reading about some of the earliest adopters dropping thier projects after minimal results over a few years, however it's nice to see how it's possible to not only excel in digital education, but can do so at lower costs. I think it'll need more than 3 years to prove viable, but it's seems to be going in the right direction.

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A dilemma every engineer will face at some point. [via adafruit]

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This has been sitting in my digital slushpile for a couple of weeks, so I don't remember the source, but even with as much experiance I've gained with tools, it's amazing how I forget (or simply neglect) some of the basics of tool care. Both the in the old book and the animated short film forms.

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Revenge of the Electric Car (2011) Rated 3.5 stars for Revenge of the Electric Car (2011)

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