Weekly Metapost : 2011.11.25 - 2011.12.02

03.00.02 - Mark

Weekly Metapost from November 25th, 2011 to December 2nd, 2011

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Tagged : google infographic logic search technology

While I've been online old enough to remember the benifits of boolean logic in search queries, not many people are. While my habits faded away as Altavista faded away as Google grew, I can still form complex but precise queries, Google or not. Certainly more than many of my friends could say, so this infographic is a handy refresher for me, and perhaps a decent introduction to the unenlightened.

Tagged : nature pictures rustic tumblr websites

While there are things I don't like about tumblrs, I love this collection. The beauties of nature, and the endurance of the rustics, with the occassional glimpse of technology. I love it.

Tagged : animation articles comics gif wired

It seems like everything needs video, including it seems, comic books. Sort of. While I like these animated gifs, and enjoy the occassional motion comic movie, there's only so much it can improve. Like novels, a well produced comic will let you dream...

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