Weekly Metapost : 2011.09.09 - 2011.09.16

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Weekly Metapost from September 9th, 2011 to September 16th, 2011

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Tagged : art history ideas posters video games

It's interesting seeing how one generation of video game consoles evolve and influence others, some we know of to other developments that were extremely scarce. [via laughingsquid]

Tagged : art flickr light painting photography

I've played with light painting a few times, and while anyone can do it, there's a special spacial awareness (or a zillion redos) needed to paint like these. [via petapixel]

Tagged : canon hacks OS X rants software

A clever hack for installing Canon EOS Utilities on a Mac since for some reason Canon only offers software "updates" as opposed to a regular installer. I doubt it's a high demand issue, but it saved me a headache.

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While I don't do a lot of web development anymore, this article is pretty similar to my philosophy, where if you really want to create some great sites, you need to know the code, not just you design skills and claims of SEO knowlege.

Tagged : beer gadgets geek MAKE tools

Tool lust meets homebrew beer. A combination I'm almost tempted to buy, right next to Craftsmen Bottle Cab Wrench.

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