Weekly Metapost : 2010.12.17 - 2010.12.24

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Weekly Metapost from December 17th, 2010 to December 24th, 2010

Elsewhere Online [collection of past links]

Tagged : astronomy forecasts night photography resources sky tools weather

Want to know what sky you'll see tomorrow? This site does a great job of roviding sky forecast information. While it's geared for astronomers, I find I extremely useful when planning some night photography.

Tagged : amazing lust MAKE saw shock tools woodworking

This looks like a truely amazing tool setup, a quiet, high precision, manually powered saw setup that I could see as an amazing item for my little workshop. Just look at the video demo to see what this can do. I was sold right up until I saw the price for the thing, at which point my jaw literally dropped -much more and I would have dislocated my own jaw. I'd love this thing, but I don't do enough wood work to justify that sort of cost. [via MAKE Blog]

Food for Thought [other noteworthy books]

Ex Machina Vol. 10: Term Limits (Paperback) Rated 5.0 stars for Ex Machina Vol. 10: Term Limits (Paperback)

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