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I'm not a fan of bottled water - at least not the 20oz bottles of glorified tap water being sold a buck or two then seeing it tossed into a trash can on a day to day basis. I've got Nalgene bottles for that. In emergencies it's a different situation, but now, finding out that those bottles we trash can be used for disinfecting questionable water. That's amazing. [via National Geographic, via There, I Fixed It]

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The beauty of light graffiti is that simplicity works. That's why I play with it from time to time. However when you see work like this, you're left a bit speachless.

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As I'm once again playing with electronics, my last minute needs and occassionally suggested parts have me going over to Radio Shack for one or the other, I've yet to come out of there without a bit of fustration. From employees who neither know or care about the electronics they stock, the disoranized cabinets they carry, or the moderatly painful prices they set. However this article covers both sides, from the saving and survival of the company to the few stores that still care about the DIYers.

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