15.45.03 - Mark

Today my high school was sujected to the assembly from hell, one of those academic ones that does a great job of inflating egos with useless awards- that every one seems to get. Anyways I got one of those honestly and one by exceedingly humorus mistake. the honest one was for a computer class ::) (mind blowing isn't it, me getting a computer award) The other one was for Spanish one. OK heres the kicker I'm not in Spanish 1, in fact I'm not in any Spanish class. OTOH my brother is, and the award was ment for him, except he's not in Spanish 1. So I don't get up to get the award because I'm not in Spanish, and he doesn't get up because he's not in Spanish 1 so no one gets up for the awrd and both of us get a ton of questions asked by fellow classmates. Go ahead a few awards and He gets on for princibles of business, and I get my honest one. So about 15 minutes after I get my award they relize that they screwed up since both Welkers are present. Then our idiot principal (after an idiot teacher wispered in her ear) makes a little announcement about the screw up. Long story short huge room filled with upwards of 500 people erupts in laughter and my brother and I accuesed of stealing the others Spanish 1 award. And they wonder why I hate the school...

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